T-Mobile Vows to Fight FCC Fines for Location Sharing

Federal telecom enforcers told the top U.S. cellphone carriers to pay more than $200 million in penalties for allegedly mishandling sensitive location data, a punishment at least one company vowed to contest.

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Huawei Seeks Advisers for U.S. Image Makeover

Under fire from the Trump administration, China’s Huawei Technologies has approached high-profile figures in Washington to try to turn around negative perceptions of the company. 39

Baidu Warns of Revenue Drop, Signaling Trouble for China’s Private Sector

Chinese search-engine giant Baidu warned its first-quarter revenue could drop 5% to 13% as the coronavirus epidemic wallops many of the sectors that fuel its bread-and-butter advertising business.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra Has a 100X Zoom Camera. So We Tested It With a Private Eye.

The $1,400 Galaxy S20 Ultra goes on sale March 6 with a camera with unprecedented zoom. We got a private eye to help us test it. 22

SoftBank Vision Fund Chief Worked to Sabotage Rivals

The man atop the world’s biggest tech fund paid for a campaign that included negative news stories, a concocted shareholder campaign and a sexual trap, people familiar with the matter say. A Misra spokesman said he didn’t orchestrate the effort. 67

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The Mystery of What Drives Bob Iger

Before this week, he had seemed congenitally unable to quit. Was it the neurochemical pleasure of the pursuit?

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 100X Zoom Camera Reviewed by a Private Eye


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