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To shape public opinion about China’s response to the deadly new coronavirus, Beijing has turned to a trusted strategy: deploying a massive propaganda campaign and suppressing critical news coverage.

Election 2020

The billionaire candidate would put the financial-data and media company he co-founded nearly 40 years ago in a blind trust and eventually sell it, a campaign spokeswoman said.

CMO Today

Omnicom Group’s media agency Hearts & Science is expanding the efforts of a new division to help clients with technologies they use to collect, manage and transact on audience data—and in doing so the agency hopes to beat back increased competition from consulting firms.

WSJ News Exclusive

TPG invested $450 million in the new-media company, valuing it at $5.7 billion, in 2017. But the deal required Vice to pay the firm up to nearly $400 million in cash and stock starting last month.

Latin America

One year into his term as Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro is using broadcasts on his Facebook page to stoke his base and fight his opponents.


Sports-betting operator William Hill US and ViacomCBS’s CBS Sports have agreed to a deal that would enable the gambling company to seek new customers among the media giant’s audience.


The challenge to contain the coronavirus looks particularly daunting in poor and isolated North Korea, which has blocked foreign tourists, cut trade with China, its main economic benefactor and ally, and limited diplomatic travel.

Heard on the Street

It takes a village to make a big videogame these days, but a single person can have a big impact. Investors in Take-Two Interactive Software got a brutal reminder of that this past week.

Media & Marketing

ViacomCBS is taking steps to make programming from its various cable channels available through one video-streaming offering, building upon its current CBS All Access service.

WSJ News Exclusive

Authorities have sought documents related to the social media company’s alleged efforts to identify and squash potential rivals, deepening an EU preliminary probe into Facebook, according to people familiar with the matter.