Nine Ways to Make Your Work Day Better

A new book by a former Twitter executive digs into workplace research on how to increase job satisfaction. One finding: Headphones in the office can be helpful. 96

Millennials Show Loyalty to Employers

Despite the hot job market, younger employees now entering their prime working years are so far proving as loyal to employers as the generation before them. 38

Young Workers Seek Mental Health Accommodations, Employers Try to Keep Up

Companies are facing a generation of young workers with higher rates of reported mental illness and greater expectations of accommodation, putting managers under pressure to adapt. 84

Where Robinhood’s Founder Found His Faithful Band of Advisers

Baiju Bhatt helped build an app that allows investors to trade without paying fees. He looks to insiders and outsiders to help him stay cool, levelheaded and generous.

How One Singapore Sales Conference Spread Coronavirus Around the World

One meeting, attended by 109 people, sent virus hunters scurrying to a French Alpine ski town, a British pub and locations in Malaysia and South Korea. The international dragnet had to catch up with the disease, which had a 10-day head start. 155

Amazon Changes the Way It Recruits M.B.A.s

The tech giant is seeking to recruit a new wave of management talent from a broader array of institutions. 59

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Two Big Workplace-Software Providers to Merge

Workplace-software providers Ultimate Software and Kronos plan to merge in an all-stock deal that would create a company worth roughly $22 billion including debt. 2

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