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Most visitors might smirk at the idea of ‘old’ in a city obsessed with reinvention. But L.A.’s romanticized past is in vogue, with the newest hot spots housed in reborn relics. Here, the hotels, classic restaurants, rooftop bars and gilded theaters that are buzzing again.4

The Saturday Essay

Countries that once saw Xi Jinping as a possible ally on global issues now find themselves resisting Beijing’s authoritarian sway.39

Off Duty Travel

In serious need of a change of scenery, a skeptical traveler heads to Guatemala’s Lake Atitlán, a pilgrimage site for yogis and vagabonds.10

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Oxtail brings incredible richness to these recipes and it’s all but impossible to get wrong. In fact, the best thing you can do with this cut is leave it alone for a good long time.

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    It wasn’t the books of Hobbes and Spinoza that shook the faith of the people. Rather, the people’s weakening religious certainty cleared the ground for godless philosophers.21


    In the 1920s, photographer Cecil Beaton captured the glamour of London’s “Bright Young Things.”

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