Take the debates away from the networks—they have too little substance, too much focus on au courant frivolousness such as tweet insults and too much time spent on attempting “gotchas.”

Solar’s total installed gigawatts may surpass other electric-power sources as early as 2035, but photovoltaic technology still will lag far behind fossil fuels in the electricity it actually produces.

How can anyone feel comfortable voting for a 78-year-old U.S. presidential candidate who recently had a heart attack corrected by “doctors reopening the blocked coronary artery and placing two drug-eluting stents.”

Rahm Emanuel is right, the slogan was great. But when people dig into the plans of even the moderates, they will see massive tax increases on working-class citizens to pay for all that free lunch.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s “permanently elevate” or “move away” solution isn’t realistic or economical for most communities and neither is reliance on the expensive building of massive sea walls and barriers.

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