Joe Biden Looks for Win as South Carolina Voters Weigh Options

One of his most prominent black supporters says Biden has made some mistakes

As competition to win over African-American voters heats up in the 2020 election, WSJ’s Joshua Jamerson sat down with eight black voters in rural Georgia to discuss which candidates’ messages are resonating. Photo: Brad Hayes for The Wall Street Journal

GREENVILLE, S.C.—Joe Biden will try to slow Bernie Sanders’s rise in Saturday’s primary in South Carolina and hang onto his longtime lead among black Democrats, some of whom say they are considering other candidates.

This state is the first in the primary-voting calendar where black voters make up a majority of the Democratic electorate. In 2016, roughly 60% of primary voters were black, according to exit polls. That year, Democrat Hillary Clinton won a decisive victory that foreshadowed Mr. Sanders’ lackluster performance...