Food & Services


The e-commerce giant rolled out its checkout-free “Go” technology in a large grocery store and plans to license the cashierless system to other retailers.


President Trump said the U.S. would consider a third round of aid payments for American farmers who have borne the brunt of retaliation for U.S. tariffs for much of the past two years.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Thursday said it expects farm debt to rise to a record $425 billion in 2020, with no fresh government aid expected.


President Trump ordered regulators to give farmers here in California’s Central Valley more access to water, a decision that fulfills a 2016 campaign promise and immediately enraged environmentalists.


The chemical giant said its scientists discovered the building block for a new herbicide, at a time when the company’s existing weedkillers face legal and regulatory challenges.


The two-year trade war between the U.S. and China upended commerce world-wide, slamming the brakes on global trade growth—but also delivering modest benefits to a handful of industries and countries that saw gains as the giants tussled.


Canadian antitrust authorities are investigating agricultural companies including Bayer, Corteva and BASF, over allegations the companies sought to block a tech startup that aims to shift North American farmers’ purchasing online.


Crop prices have dropped since the signing of trade deals meant to buoy the farm economy, clouding the outlook for farmers working to secure financing for this spring’s planting season.


The idea is that slash-and-burn farmers will care for the land if they own it, instead of just abandoning depleted fields to carve out new ones, and law enforcement can more easily crack down on illegal cutting. “If this doesn’t happen, we will continue to deforest.”


Hundreds of regional grocery stores are closing or selling struggling pharmacy counters, as consumers make fewer trips to fill prescriptions and big drugstore chains tighten their grip on the market.

Tri-State Area

The longtime New York City supermarket chain is preparing to file for bankruptcy within days, with a plan to sell off the business to a number of buyers, say people familiar with the matter.

Election 2020

Approval of President Trump among farmers in the Corn Belt is on the rise following the signing of the long-awaited U.S.-China trade deal last week, a new poll shows.


The Swiss consumer-goods company pledged to cut its use of plastic made from fossil fuels by a third in five years and said it would invest up to $2.08 billion to find more recycled material, a particularly big challenge for the food industry.


A brewing shortfall of sugar supply in Asia is lifting the global price of the sweetener, providing relief for farmers and refiners after an extended market slump.