Election 2020

It appears the firewall is holding for former Vice President Joe Biden this week. If that remains the case, a key question is: How much will that matter next week?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who was ranked the least wealthy senator in 2007, had a long history of buying homes he could barely afford. “Even as a kid in high school, I’d been seduced by real estate,” he once wrote.

For most of the 20th century, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders were a reliable voting bloc for Republicans. But as their numbers have grown in recent years, they have turned further to the left.

The two billionaires coexisted for years in New York City, trading pleasantries in public and keeping ill feelings private. With Michael Bloomberg set to face voters for the first time Tuesday, it’s “Mini Mike” vs. “Carnival Barking Clown.”

Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign has made overtures to Democrat Andrew Yang, courting the former candidate’s endorsement and floating the possibility of Mr. Yang becoming his running mate, according to two people familiar with the discussions.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’s plan to wipe out Americans’ $1.6 trillion in student debt could face thorny political and practical problems if the Democratic candidate is elected president in November.

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg defended his past decisions to regulate New Yorkers’ health choices but said he wouldn’t necessarily push for those policies on a national level.

Joe Biden and his allies are trying to consolidate centrist voters behind his candidacy in the final days before Saturday’s South Carolina primary, with a key leader in the state endorsing him and a super PAC backing his bid making a major push for large donations.

Bernie Sanders bore the brunt of the attacks during a cacophonous Democratic presidential debate that highlighted his rivals’ anxiety over a self-described democratic socialist possibly facing President Trump in November.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, days after a resounding victory in the Nevada caucuses, took the bulk of incoming fire on the debate stage ahead of South Carolina’s Saturday primary. Here are the moments that mattered during the debate.

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