Benny Gantz Puts His Anti-Netanyahu Coalition Up to a Vote for Third Time

Former army chief of staff seeks to draw voters disenchanted with long-serving incumbent

After nearly a year of political paralysis, Israel is holding another election. As Benjamin Netanyahu is weakened by corruption charges and Israel seeks a long-term truce with Hamas in Gaza, here’s what the prolonged uncertainty means for the country and its economy. Photo: Oded Balilty/Associated Press

TEL AVIV—Days ahead of Israel’s third election in less than a year, prime minister hopeful Benny Gantz has cobbled together a disparate coalition of politicians who are united largely in their antipathy for Benjamin Netanyahu, the current holder of that office.

Mr. Gantz, a popular former military chief, has held together the diverse group of leaders from the left, right and center—including two other former army chiefs of staff, a union leader and several disenchanted erstwhile Netanyahu aides—despite never having governed...